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Born the 3rd April 1974
Italian Nationality

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I did my Ph.D. Thesis under the direction of Michele Missikoff, Research Director of the LEKS a Laboratory of Computer Science and at the Department of Automation and Computing at University "Roma TRE". The thesis was co-directed by Paolo Atzeni, Professor of Database to Automatic and Computer Science Department of the University "Roma TRE". I gained this thesis thanks to a research grant from the CNR in the period October 2005 - October 2008.

My thesis topic concerns the transformation of Business Processes (BP) throughout their life cycle. There are several reasons that may cause changes in Business Processes. In particular, these transformations are often due to modifications in business organization and to new operational strategies that can be captured by Business Rules (BR). Our research has focused on the study and analysis of organizations based on business processes, regulated by a set of BR: the BR and BP must be globally consistent (and must be kept consistent after any change during the life cycle processes). In this thesis, we proposed an ontological approach capable of representing the BR and BP as a coherent whole. This modeling has identified and to characterize formally the set of business processes incompatible with business rules modeled and then having to be adapted for respecting the overall coherence of enterprise system studied.

In January 2010 I received a Post Doctoral grant from the Research Center Automatic in Nancy (CRAN) at the University Henri Poincare, under the direction of Professor Hervé Panetto on the theme: Interoperability of information systems. We worked on a conceptual modeling approach. The objective of this research was to conceptualize enterprise systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to extract the semantic elements to promote the study of semantics interoperability of applications. We thus set clearly the design patterns for semi-automatiser the extraction of semantics, by a conceptual "fact-oriented" modeling.

Since October 2010, I became a Lecturer in ESIAL (School Institute of Information Technology and Applications of Lorraine), University Henri Poincare, and I am continuing the research started during my Post-Doc. I am co-supervised by Professor Hervé Panetto, (University Henri Poincare / CRAN) and Professor Nacer Boudjlida (University Henri Poincare / LORIA).

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